Petrosphere / Glasgow International


Group exhibition

Cities rise and cities fall again; words are spoken and retracted; we meet and talk and things will not be the same again.
PETROSPHERE was part of a series of projects between 5 artists based in Glasgow, and 5 artists based in Athens.
Vibrant, difficult, beautiful, caustic; full of friction and full of life, Athens and Glasgow share strong similarities as catalysts for ideas and places for artists to live and practice. PETROSPHERE be-came a platform to explore this through two exhibitions curated by the artists themselves.
The first PETROSPHERE exhibition took place in the derelict Hotel Galini, Athens, during ReMap 3, in September / October 2011. The second exhibition was in the basement of the Skypark building, Glasgow, in April / May 2012, during the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (Gi). New works - sculpture, drawing, photography, printmaking, painting, performance, and video. - were developed by the artists for each of the two exhibitions.

GI 2012 Festival Guide